Les Nouvelles Live! (the December 2020 edition) - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Colarulli
please submit your questions here!
Levente Pethő
A bit specific question to Madelein: In license agreements where the Licensee is allowed to develope the technology independently or in cooperation with the Licensor, do you have a good practice to take into account the base technology as Licensor contribution?
Madelein Kleyn
Hi Levente (my email address if we get cut off madelein.kleyn@outlook.com) - Yes we defined background IP and Foreground IP and how that is dealt with. You can email me and we can discuss offline
Levente Pethő
Thanks very much, appreciated!
mihaela leahu
Madelein: in case there are improvments, how are managen i managed in such contracts?
Madelein Kleyn
As part of the Foreground IP management - I can send you examples - ownership and grantback provisions need to be aligned with anti-trust laws though. welcome to email me as well
mihaela leahu
tks Madelein, appreciate it - will get in touch